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GRATIS ! Cara daftar jadi agen pulsa eletrik all operator dan token listrik prabayar di sangat lah mudah yang penting kamu bisa sms aja namun sebelum membelinya no hp kamu harus di daftarkan dulu ataw menjadi member di salah satu server pulsa all operator tidak panjang lebar tata cara nya silahkan saudara sekalian baca

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This article is a little review of prepaid electricity that has been widely used by the people of Indonesia .

Innovation of services is PLN supposedly provide convenience , freedom and comfort for its customers . Tagline is Power Smart – Solutions refill of PLN !

For every customer ; This smart electricity more can be controlled or adjusted to the needs and abilities .
Equal and similar to the pulse refill on your phone, the system is smart electricity customers must first purchase credits in the form of vouchers or better known as rechargeable electric token. Rechargeable electric token consists of 20 digit number that can be obtained through a bank ATM outlets or through the counters of electricity bill payments online.

20-digit number last token must then be put into a special Meter kWh called Prepaid Meter (MPB) using the buttons that exist on the MPB.

Through the screen in the future CDM number of important information will be seen immediately and can be known / read by the customer associated with the use of electricity.

MPB on the meter that you can see the information as follows:
• The amount of electrical energy (kWh) are included.
• The amount of electrical energy (kWh)) that has been used so far
• The amount of electrical energy that is being used at this time (real time).
• The amount of electrical energy that remains.

If the electricity in the CDM will be exhausted, then the CDM will provide the start signal for urgent replenishment. The signal alarm or siren-shaped small sign flashing LED lights.

Well, so then at any time whenever the customer will be able to know the exact use of electricity at home. Thus, control of electricity usage will be in your hands!.